And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. (Matthew 24:30)
The words contained in these discourses are for those persons who take God seriously, who wish to be blessed and wish to bless others. They were written over a period of years, in Africa, primarily for Africans of all cultures and are copied here because of the world-wide composition of the Internet. The directness of approach may seem strange to some. 

     New for 2000  

     New For 2010  

    Who and Why  Expanded July 2007      

The Heart of the Gospel:  
    Oh! To be Born Again 
    The Blood Covenant  
    Behold, The Bridegroom Comes 
    The Bride of Christ  
    Once Born Again, Always Born Again?  

     How I Must Learn to Live  

     Evidence of the Hand of the Living God  


     Christian Faithfulness  

      Beware of Deception 

     The Truth Will Set You Free   

     Presumptuous Sins  

     I Conferred Not With Flesh and Blood  

     Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice  

     Living Word 

     Rejoice in the Lord 

      Lessons From the Story of Balaam and His Donkey 

     Charity   Expanded March 2012 

     Forgiveness     Expanded July 2009 

     Going on to Perfection 

     Gird Up the Loins of Your Mind 

     Arm Yourself With the Same Mind 

      Whose I Am 

      The Spirit of the LORD 

     God Wants to Teach Us Himself  

     The Sheep of His Pasture 

     Judging One Another 

     King David and the Affliction of Saul  

     The Rapture  

     The LORD'S Anointed  

     Them That Are Without  

     Blessed be God 

     Let us Cleanse Ourselves 

     The Parable of the Talents 

     Making You Sorry  Enriched November 2013 

      Four Stages of Faith 

     The Kingdom of God  

     For if These Things be In You 

     Modern Day Pharisees 

     The Secret  

     God the Father 

     In Spirit and in Truth  

     Idols of the Heart 

     He Delighted in Me 

     Pay Your Vows 

     The Wicked Live in Comfort  

     For By Grace Are Ye Saved  

     The Sincere Milk of the Word 

     The Tower in Siloam 

     When Christ is Preached 

     Love is the Fulfilment of the Law 

     Are You Saved?     

    Become as Little Children 

     Fasting and Baptism 
     They Knew?  

     Which of Them? 

     The Son of Man    

     Obedience to Authority 

One Flesh 
     Chapter One  
     Chapter Two  
      Chapter Three  
      Chapter Four 

     Taking God at His Word  

     To Them That Obey Him  

     His People Which He Foreknew  

     Our Old Man 

     The Meaning of Baptism in Water  
     In The Wilderness 
     Spirit Soul and Body 
     The Cloud of Witnesses 

     The Liberty of the Spirit 
     A Building Fitly Framed Together  
     The Unpardonable Sin  
     God our Saviour   Expanded February 2002 

     God Gives Repentance  Expanded April 2005 Enriched November 2013 

     Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 

     We That Have Fellowship With Him 

     The Purchased Posession  

     Let a Man So Account of Us  

The Spirit of Wisdom 
     Part One  
     Part Two 

My Servant David 
     Part One 
     Part Two 

     The Spirit of Him 

     Trust in Him  Expanded July 2003 

     Trust and Obey  
     Believe His Holy Word  

     The Reality of the Soul 

     The War Against the Soul  

     The Adamant Stone 

     From Faith to Faith 

     The Church of Christ Jesus 

     All Power 

     This Generation 

     Adultery of the Soul 


     The Truth of the Spirit  

     God is Love 

     For This Cause 

     If it Please Thee 

     Are You Ready?  

     Stand Up for Jesus 

     A Résumé  
     Cancer and I 


     Out of the Mouths of Babes 

     Thy Sword 

     Why Does God Trouble Himself With Us?  

     Refined in the Furnace  

     Doctrine of Baptisms 
     Immersion in Water  
     Baptism in the Holy Spirit  

     Himself Took Our Infirmities  
     God Really Loves Us   

     The Kingdom of Heaven 
     Why Did Jesus Come?  

     My Church 

     The Power of the Spirit 
     The Power of the Spirit World 

     A Living Soul 

     The Burning Bush 

     The Truth  

     The Spirit of Truth 

     If Ye Continue  

     The Fall of Mankind 
     O Jerusalem, Jerusalem  
     With All His Saints 

     Letter to a Granddaughter 

     The Mouse That Thundered  

     You have a Destiny in Christ Jesus  

     Our High Priest  

     Every Good Gift 

     Father, Forgive Them 

     Changed Into His Image 

     Wisdom and Understanding 
     Biblical Healing Part One 
     Biblical Healing Part Two Expanded February 2008 
     We Are One 
     They Came to be Healed  
     The Things of God 


     This Shall be a Sign unto You 


     The Lord Gives Repentance   Enriched November 2013 


     A Nation  

     God Cares for Me 
     Our Bridegroom  
     The Peace That is in the Truth  

     That All Men Should Honour the Son  

     The Path of Righteousness 
     The Chosen Ones 

     Faith as a Mustard Seed  

     The People 

     Sins in your World 
     As the Lord Liveth 

     My Sheep 

     In a Nutshell 
     The Wages of Sin  
     Filled With the Knowledge of His Will 

     Integrity of thy Heart 

     Obedience Unto Death 
     Strong in the Lord 
     Strengthened with all Might  

     In Him Was Life 

     Your Labour of Love 

     To be Reborn and Grow  
     Repentance   Enriched November 2013 
     To Be Happy in Jesus 

     The Spirit is Truth  
     The Truth of the Word 

     The  Key 
     The Measure of Faith 
     The Faithful 

     The Life of Fulfilment 
     The Life of Obedience  
     Serve the Lord with Gladness  
     The Life of Service  
     For My Sake 

     Our Triune God  Expanded January 2010 
     The Nub of God's Purpose 

     Partakers of the Heavenly Calling  

     The Carnal Church. . . and the Spiritual  
     You and Your Body 
     A Hedge Around You 
     Heartfelt Praise 

     The Grace of God  Expanded February 2011 
     The Narrow Way 
     Jesus Christ is the Gate 

     The Reward 

     A New Creature  Expanded February 2011 

     The Truth That is Freedom 
     The Privilege 

     Be Anxious for Nothing 

     Spiritual Fruit 

     To Believe 

     Our Life Giver  

     The Light in the Darkness 
     The Kingdom of God is Come Nigh unto You  

     The Light of His Countenance 

     You Own it All  

     Who Walk After the Spirit 

     Faith and Grace Go Together 

     Seek His Face 

     Seek His Grace 

     The Impenitent Heart  Enriched November 2013 

     Our Strong Tower 

     The Will of God 

     Who is the Holy Spirit 

     Superfaith ! 
     The Work of the Cross 
     What's in Your Heart? 

     From Darkness to Light 

     Two Verses 

     Predestination Revisited 


     Power in the Blood 
     The Just Shall Live by Faith 
     Our World 
     The Great Commandment 
     Lovingkindness, Mercy and Grace 
     Fruit and Works 
     Hearts and Minds  Enriched May 2014 

     He Who is Athirst 

     Quench Not the Spirit 

     The Yardstick 
     Not Ashamed 
     The Upright and the Congregation 


     We Should Pray More 

     Christian Assurance 

     Our Obligation 

     Salt and Light 

     Works and Faith