Yes, the first one we are discussing here is that of the Spiritual rebirth. 

The greatest one of them all that can happen to mankind. 
And because it's Spiritually discerned is not easily revealed to those who are still in spiritual darkness. 

You see, God, who is perfect, will only reveal His Essence (their Persons) to those of His creation who diligently1 seek Him, are willing to submit to Him and then do what He asks of them; in love and thankfulness. 

Moreover, God the Father has chosen to do this miracle of conversion through the Power and Name of His Son Jesus Christ; who made the Covenant of His blood with the Father on behalf of mankind, resulting in death of His earthly body and resultant Spiritual resurrection. 
The Son of man. 
The Man who stands up for man. 
Our Lord who made the Way. 
Jesus:- Jehovah the Saviour. 

Then, our gentle loving God, who knows the penitent heart, will perform the miracle of the new (Spiritual) birth and a place is reserved in heaven for the converted2 sojourner3. 

Then, God's creation, whom They made in His image, for His good pleasure, will be joyfully obedient to please His Master, and the newly arrived indwelling Holy Spirit shall be able to work in Satan's world. 
The Holy Spirit:- God, who uses those who are washed in the Blood for the furtherance of His Kingdom. 

Furthermore, after the mustard seed of faith is fed, watered and looked after by each servant, shall other miracles occur; and they shall be performed by God the Holy Spirit through each pilgrim4 for God the Father's glory and furtherance of His Kingdom; which shall surely come sometime soon. 

And in the fullness of time, after that each pilgrim has run the race that God has set before him (or her), will he receive a crown, and his reserved place of honour. 

1 Diligent: Steady and earnest application, industrious. 
2 Converted: from living a worldly life to living a Spiritual life; and Jesus Christ becomes Lord and example. 
3 Sojourner: A soul in temporary residence. 
4 Pilgrim: Someone journeying through life as a stranger in the world. 

James 4:5-10. 1 Peter 1:1-25. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

With that behind us, I want you to know that the Lord God the Holy Spirit used recorded words by other people to guide me along the path of this discourse on at least two occasions. 

The subject we are discussing is miracles, not so? 

Miracle: an event or act which breaks a law of nature - done by supernatural power, very wonderful or remarkable. 

So, here are at least two. 
As a matter of record, let it be stated that the subject of this dissertation started while under the influence - of God; while praising and worshiping Him in my closet some days back. 
If this can be classed as a miracle in itself, then there are three, maybe more. 

The first of the other two happened a week or so back while reading a commentary of a world renowned servant of God. The words that the Holy Spirit revealed or brought to my attention was the meaning of the name: Jesus:- Jehovah the Saviour. 
Moreover, when typed in, the bold typeface came up of itself. 

Today, now, in time just past, we finished watching and listening to a Christian DVD concerning the death of Jesus of Nazareth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ; Jehovah the Saviour, and something that was fleetingly said made it so clear that the purpose of Jesus Christ is to save sinners from everlasting punishment. 
After becoming our Covenant Representative He has entered His rest - for now. 
And He is coming back to do the same thing one more time, to fetch the elect - but this time the whole world shall witness the event. Jesus is still Jehovah the Saviour! For now - but in the world to come. . . . . 

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the time for the Holy Spirit to come. 
The purpose of God the Holy Spirit is to use those who have been converted at this present time by the finished work of Jesus Christ some two thousand years ago to give conviction to the elect; of the Truth that sets men free from darkness and brings them forth into His marvellous Light. 

Once God's time is right, and prior to Jesus coming the second time, the Holy Spirit departs from this world. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Further, the words from the commentary were written in about 1940, for me to give to you now. 
Also, the words stored on the DVD shall remain there some time, but our copy has been lying next to the TV setup for about 15 months and was played today, just in time for the Lord to speak the words for me to pass on to you that you might only read some time in the future. 

Truly, we worship the Loving Living God who wants all of us converted - that we may know Him - for our eternal benefit - for His rightful glory. 

Praise You and thank You Lord God almighty!