Living Word 

The Bible is a book of stories of God, of people, of morals, of places. But mainly it is a book of instruction for us who read it. 
 To many people who go to church on Sundays, the only occasion that they hear God's will is when the words from this book are read out and explanations thereof are expounded by a man. That they are satisfied with this state of affairs shows that they don't take God seriously, that the stories in the book bore them, there is nothing there of interest. The saying goes "actions speak louder than words", and by their action, or lack of it, they convey their interest, or lack of it, to God. This can surely only mean that God is not real to them, they have not yet met Him through the Lord Jesus Christ and the Book is only another book. God is a character in a fairy story and in any case other stories and television soapies are much more entertaining, with more action and the people are so much more beautiful. 

 If you have got this far, I praise God for His goodness to you, that you might yet come to know Him in a spiritual way. God is real, the characters in the Bible were real, the stories are true and the purpose of God in providing the Bible through all His many writers is to bring you to the knowledge of Him that you might be saved. 
 Please read Joshua chapters six and seven. These events actually happened, and archaeological digs have confirmed the fact. The lessons in these two chapters are repeated throughout the Bible in different ways. 

 You know, we read in the newspapers and see on television, disasters that occur world-wide; floods in Bangladesh, earthquakes in Japan, bush fires in Australia, California and sometimes here; and nearer home, all the killings in Richmond, Natal. However, these are events that happen to other people, they hardly affect us. 
My friend, what would you do, if like Job, you lost everything; possessions, children, health; would you accept it as fate, curse God in a vague sort of way or fall on your knees or face before your Creator, acknowledging that you also are one of those "faceless people" that populate planet earth as shown on television, that it can happen to you? 

 My dear friend, I beseech you, please understand what is going to happen to you, nothing on this earth is more certain, you are going to stand before your Maker one day and you are going to be judged for your actions while in your earthly body. 

 If you have read this far, you might consider that I am trying to frighten you, and you are probably a little frightened aren't you? Please my friend, realise that you being frightened is caused by your uncertainty of where you will be going after the death of your earthly body. Please come to the realisation that you can have wonderful freedom from this fear, freedom that makes you want to sing and shout and tell others about it. Hallelujah! 
 Your earthly body is nothing else but the temporary vehicle for your soul, which is the real you. You leave it and all earthly troubles behind after about seventy years. 
 God is such a loving being, He could not be anything else or He would not be God; and He has provided a glorious way for you to be saved from His condemnation. 

 If God becomes real to you, you will need to change, to fit in with His expectations of you. His expectations are laid out in that living entity called the Bible. 

 If you read His word and do what He wants you will be saved from the second death.