The Power in the Blood 
A fair amount has been written on this web site1 concerning the Blood Covenant2, enough as an introduction to this dissertation. 
From the Bible we have understood that without blood there is no life on this temporary earth. 
Which means that without blood we shall be unable to make decisions, travel the world etc. That's basic not so? 
Also, without light and water there would be no life at all as we know it. 
So, what is in the blood that makes all the people alive? 
There are nutrients that are moved about in the water-based liquid, antibodies to fight disease, thickening agents to stop bleeding, etc., but the most important besides the water is air. 
Our bodies can do without food and water for a while but without air the blood cannot be purified to feed the body and the pump will quickly stop moving the blood about. 
Which means that air is a vital requirement of life, under the sea as well as on land. 
Unfortunately this vital necessity is temporally out of God's direct control in that God's creation, man, whom He made in His image, gave it away because he loved the temporal above the Spiritual. Moreover man gave it to God's enemy and we are constantly in danger of losing our lives on earth because direct control is in the wrong hands. 
However, this is in fact very limiting because losing our temporary lives on this present earth is of minimal import in the scheme of God's creation in that our Creator is Spirit and lives in another dimension where there is no need of physical air, nor blood that needs aerating. Moreover, He has given and is constantly giving us each the invitation to come and live with Him - in peace forever. 
Consider the following:
Satan is the prince of the power of the air. What does this mean in physical reality? It means that he has power over all living creatures who breathe air to live. It does not mean that he has power over the weather and water and earth itself. It only concerns those things that God gave to the man. 
Have you ever wondered why soldiers and unbelievers on the rampage so often seem to choose to kill the defenceless in the cruellest way possible, or that Christians were and still are tortured? 
Because it's the very worst that Satan can do to us, knowing that once we are dead there is no more that he can do to God's elect. 
Here's a deep one:
Do you think that there will be air to breathe in the New Jerusalem? 
2 Heart of the Gospel